Red or Blue

"Red or Blue, Cuz or Blood, it just don't matter. Suckers dive for your life when my shotgun scatters" —ICE-T (aka Tracey Lauren Marrow) of Newark, NJ.

A drawing in duct tape made directly on the sidewalk at 14 Mulberry Place, Newark, New Jersey. The drawing is a map indicating the major battles of the American Civil War.

"Red or Blue" is part of the exhibition "Red Badge of Courage Revisited" in Newark, NJ. (October 26 - November 30, 2008) "Red Badge of Courage Revisited" is curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud.

Stephan Crane, the author of Red Badge of Courage, was born and raised on 14 Mulbery Place. A parking lot now stands in it's place.

The Luck Will Run Out

The stranger asked to see the shoe;
The farmer brought it into view;
But when the old man raised his head,
He laughed outright and quickly said:
"No wonder skies upon you frown,
You've nailed the horse-shoe upside down;
Just turn it round, and soon you'll see
How you and Fortune will agree."

October 4, 2008, Jersey City, NJ,
Newark Avenue and Fourth Street.
2008 Fourth Street Festival.