Agitators Collective creates site-related installations in Jersey City and its immediate vicinity. We choose urban locales that are under threat of over-development and gentrification, and or have fallen into neglect and disrepair.

Ideas are freely shared and labor evenly distributed in Agitators Collective. We specifically choose materials and objects that capture the culture of the community, such as candy from the corner bodega, Christmas lights and balloons from a 99 cent store, or found objects taken directly from the street.

Installations range from 8,000 marshmallow peeps on the stairwell of a city park, a written wall mural made up of thirty languages, to a 100-foot circle in turmeric in a parking lot.

Agitators Collective seeks to involve the public in our installations. The public's immediate reactions are incorporated into the work. These types of interactions directly influence and inspire our future projects.

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